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Sony WH-CH500 – My Favourite Bluetooth Headphone Review

Sony is a household name- one of the old-school names in the technology domain and they have a long history of developing reliable and quality products.

One of the areas Sony is renowned for is the audio market.

In recent times, Sony has been hitting it out of the ballpark with their wireless headphone rage.

And today, we shall have a closer review of one of its wireless headphones, the Sony WH-CH500.

What is the Sony WH-CH500?

Launched on June 3, 2018, the Sony WH-CH500 is an on-ear headset that connects to your devices through Bluetooth or NFC and can be used to make calls.

Sony WH-CH500

The newly launched Sony CH-500 is an around-ear headphone but from a first glance, you would hardly notice. The CH-500 look and feel every bit as portable as the smaller units from Sony.

Sporting sizeable 30mm drivers, the headphone offers considerable sound detail, as well as a punchier bass, something out of the ordinary from the smaller headphones.
The closed dynamic design ensures a no-disturbance experience, while the minimalist 5-ounce weight strikes the perfect balance between lightness and pragmatism.

With Sony deciding to join the bang for the buck club, it`s Sony WH-CH500 is going to tussle against other fierce competitors such as Sony ZX220BT, MDR-zx330bt, beats and jbl e45bt. And these brands/products should be afraid. Very afraid.

Who is the Sony WH-CH500 for?

The Sony CH500 should be the perfect headphone if you`re looking for:
• Headset with clarity and good sound quality
• Want to connect their headset to their favorite device using Bluetooth or NFC
• Don`t want to spend a fortune, but looking to get a something out of the average but a modest price


Traditionally, over-the-ear design is more comfortable for longer than essentially any other type of headphones, and so, you should expect the ultimate coziness with the CH500.

Sporting a slim, adjustable headband, this headset allows you to find a comfortable fit that is uniquely suited to you.

The thick, soft ear cushioning on the ear cups, means that the headset doesn`t exert too much pressure on your ears.

Unfortunately, the entire edifice is plastic-build, making the headset feel a tad flimsy and cheap. In particular, the lack of padding on the headband makes the headset feel a tad stiff after long listening sessions.

For the ultimate luxury, and satisfaction, we would have liked to see the Sony CH500 with a padded headband, and if possible a change to the construction material.


A major design upside that we really love is the use of a full-bodied build that allows a swivel cup design for the ear cups. The benefit of the swivel cup design is it allows the cups to rotate into a more portable format allowing you to carry them easily in your bag or rucksack.

Alongside portability, the full-bodied build adds to the durability, and sturdiness of this product, by making it more flexible and ensuring a comfortable fit for hours.

Audio Quality

For the price, I`m totally impressed by the sound, quality, particularly on the volume.

Normally, wireless headphones are not known for their power, but this little cutie does not skimp on performance.

For instance, the CH500 performs exceptionally well while playing bass-heavy songs, while achieving reasonably sound levels. While the equipment will not offer the driest sound, it stays true to Sony`s fun sound signature.

For the mids, expect smoothness across the varying range, without subduction by the bass. While the CH might not provide the absolute clarity and might result in the loss of texture in vocals, it should be expected since they`re not tailored for critical listening.

A major drawback on the highs is that they`re not as pronounced, meaning if you love listening to classics, you might get a tad disappointed with the strings. Fortunately, there`s no ear-aching sizzle in the high range. Instead, the headset offers a smooth sound.

Overall, the sound quality of this headphone is remarkable, and though not the absolute best, it`s still amazing for its price.


What most users love about this headset is the intuitive, and minimalist design

The controls on the Sony 500 are simple and relatively easy to use.

For instance, on the side, you`ll find an extremely convenient volume control module that is well within your reach. Alongside the volume control is a play/pause button that also doubles up as take and end call buttons.


Another major highlight of this headphone is the wireless Bluetooth connection that has an excellent wireless range of approximately 59ft of obstructed range.

Beside Bluetooth connection, the WH-CH offers support for NC, which is great for those looking for a quick and easy pairing procedure.

On the downside, the NFC supports cannot connect to more than one device.

Battery Life

According to Sony, the WH-CH500 can deliver a battery life of up to 20 hours.

While we`ve not exactly tested the accuracy of the above figure, what we can attest to is that your smartphone will run out of battery before the headphones do.

This itself is a strong statement that the battery life is remarkable. Notwithstanding your smartphone life, few of the wireless audio products can offer such battery life.


For the price, I would highly recommend the Sony WH-CH 500.

It`s highly pragmatic, easy to use, lightweight and long-lasting.

Save for the plastic construction, and inability to pair with more than two devices, I think the Sony WH-CH500 is an amazing option, and you should go for it.

Choosing the Right Gym for You – What You Should Look For

It is January and many of us have made the resolution to lose weight this year and live a healthier lifestyle. However, unless we commit to an exercise routine the likelihood of realizing our fitness goals decrease. Choosing the best gym for your fitness goals is essential to realizing your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and become healthier this year.

A home gym has its advantages (saves money and is convenient) but for many of us a home gym is not the ideal way of meeting our health goals. The most important factor in deciding if a home gym is right for you is knowing if you are self-motivated enough to continue an exercise routine on your own. While having a gym in your home is ideal for people who need the flexibility and convenience to schedule exercise, unless they are self-motivated the newness will soon wear off and the equipment will collect dust. The drawback of a home gym is there is no accountability so a person who is not highly self-motivated may lose interest quickly and not reach their weight loss goals.

The Best Gym For You

A franchise or chain gym has the benefit of offering a wide range of services under one roof. Furthermore, for people who travel extensively for business or pleasure, it offers them the ability of continuing their fitness routine in different cities by using their gym in that location. Another added benefit of these large gyms is the wide variety of fitness options they offer to keep you interested and motivated to reach your health goals this year.

Some individuals require more one on one attention in order to attain their fitness goals. Boutique gyms (local gyms) offer a lower ratio of staff to members for individuals who require a higher level of accountability to reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Boutique gyms also offer more personalized attention allowing members to receive detailed instruction and form relationships with the staff and other members, which encourages a higher level of individual performance. The major disadvantage of boutique gyms is that they do not offer the variety of programs or have the variety of equipment of bigger gyms.

No matter what type of gym you decide to join there are several factors to keep in mind before signing a gym membership contract.

Gym cleanliness – How clean is the gym? What steps are taken to ensure that germs and/or disease are not spread from use of the machines and showers? Are there stations with hand sanitizers and items to clean machines between uses? When you visit a gym, take particular note of how clean the facilities are – – are the floors clean, does it smell clean, are trashcans overflowing, etc.

Does the gym have certified sports trainers – Ask what certifications and qualifications each sports trainer has prior to signing a gym membership. Also, ask how much experience each trainer has within his or her specialty.

Find out what classes are offered – Many gyms are offering a wide variety of classes to meet the varying fitness levels of their members. Classes should range from beginners through advanced and be offered at several times each week that make them convenient for members who work odd schedules.

Check the gym equipment – Gym equipment should be in good working condition with little or no damage. Look for exercise equipment that is current and up-to-date with a wide variety of different types of machines. Weight training, aerobic and cardio equipment are all essential to a well-balanced workout.

Consider if the location will be an impediment or advantage – If the location of the gym will require you to drive out of your way each day, you will be less likely to continue to maintain a regular schedule. However, if the gym is on your way to work each day, then you remove one obstacle to working out – inconvenience.

One final thought when choosing the best gym to reach your fitness goals –  the actual gym membership contract.

When entering into a new gym membership contract, you should negotiate perks such as free passes for friends, free classes or personal training sessions. Another tip is to negotiate your contract toward the end of the month when gym personnel are trying to meet their monthly membership goals.